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Janine Dempster - Artist found success as a trendsetting Online Art Shop shortly after it was founded. But to keep growing and expanding year after year requires an innovative and engaging approach. From guiding clients through the selection process right up until artwork delivery, our commitment to providing impeccable customer service and being a well-respected Online Art Shop remains unchanged.

As an Irish Artist, Janine went to Foundation Year at Art College had her own interiors business for over 30 years, but art was always where her heart layand she went straight back to becoming a full time artist when leaving the interior design sector. With all her interior design strengths behind her, Janine paints in such a way to capture beautiful paintings for the home and adding gold and silver leaf to sparkle and dazzle as the light captures all her work from day until evening.

As Janine's work has progressed and explored light on water, gold on buildings, it has opened up a vibrancy and life to familiar landscapes that is unique, never before seen.

This new glimpse into Ireland and its beauty lends itself to the layers of gold leaf, oil pastels and oil paints layered sometimes with palette knife!  This allows Janine the freedom to not become stiff but the art creates itself out of passion and insight caught "at the moment" that is impossible to recreate making each artwork unique to the buyer.

Browse, enjoy and let your imagination lead you into my world.   x  Janine

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